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Why Does a Hunt Club Need Insurance? Important Policy Options for Hunt Clubs to Consider

Creating a hunting club is one of the best ways to guarantee that you will have access to decent hunting. After all, with the amount of public hunting land declining in recent years, hunters are forced to look for alternatives –such as privately owned land. Belonging to a club means that financial resources will be pooled and it will be easier to find available and affordable privately owned land.

If you are considering forming a hunting club or if you are looking to cover the bases of your existing hunt club, then you probably already know that insurance is one of the most important steps that you can take to ensuring the protection of your hunt club, guests, and members.

Which Type of Insurance Does a Hunt Club Need?
Every hunting club is different with differing insurance needs. A good insurance agency will work hard to ensure that your specific insurance needs are met. Understanding your available coverage options can help you to make an informed decision regarding insurance. Here are some basic, yet important, coverage options that you may want to consider.

Liability Insurance
Liability insurance is one of the most important types of hunting club insurance. Liability insurance offers liability coverage for the hunt club and members, and protects them from liability in case of an accident, property damage, or bodily harm. In some cases, landowners will require hunting clubs to have liability insurance that extends to provide liability coverage for the landowner as well. This insurance is readily available and can be purchased alongside most policies. Policies are also available for guest liability, as well as member-to-member coverage.

Property Damage
Property damage is important liability insurance that covers damage that your hunting club members cause to property that your club is leasing or renting. This coverage includes buildings and structures, and personal property as well, and can include damage caused by ATVs, or even hunting dogs and firearms.

Workers Compensation
If your hunt club has employees, you may want to consider workers compensation. Workers compensation is an important insurance that provides protection for companies in case of a work-related injury. With workers compensation, an injured employee would be able to claim medical expense coverage and lost wages, without being forced to take legal action against the hunt club.

Be sure to talk with your insurance agent today to ensure you have adequate coverage to protect your hunt club. Make sure you disclose any possible liabilities and ask about additional coverage for liability arising from the use tree stands, firearms, or ATVs. Call Texas Outdoor Insurance for more information: (877) 952-1010.