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Reduce Your Liabilities as a Texas Landowner: Risk Management for Landowners Leasing Hunting Land

Leasing out land for hunting expeditions can be a great opportunity for Texas landowners. The shrinking supply of public hunting land and the sheer number of hunters in need of hunting land has caused a growth in demand for privately owned hunting property.

Many landowners are finding that leasing out their property is a financially rewarding business venture. However, leasing out property for profit comes with increased legal responsibilities and liabilities. If you are considering leasing out your land, here are some steps that you can take to reduce your liability exposure.

Safety Precautions on Your Premises
As a landowner, you should make safety your number one priority. Opening up your land to hunters isn’t without risks, and you should do your best to make your property and premises safe. It is your responsibility to keep your property hazard free, and to inform guests of any potential hazards. Have your property inspected for safety issues, then take steps to remove the hazards, or fence them off and make sure they are clearly marked. Take the time to go over a map with your guests and point out any potential areas of danger.

Create Policies
While a written policy cannot prevent a liability lawsuit, should you be faced with a lawsuit, having policies in place can help you to prove your case in court. Have a list of regulations for each guest, as well as safety policies. The purpose of the policies should be to help prevent accidents and provide protection for your property. Be sure to have each user sign a written copy stating that they have read and understand the written rules you have put in place. 

Have a Release
A release form is a form that releases you from responsibility of harm that may come to guests while they are on your property. In order to be effective, a release form should be created by an attorney. Be sure to have your guests sign this before they enter the property.

Landowner Liability Insurance
Finally, it’s important to have an adequate insurance policy in place. Landowners should take out a landowner’s liability policy to protect their interests, in case of liability lawsuits. Additionally, you may consider requiring hunt clubs that you allow on your property to have an insurance policy as well. With a hunt club insurance policy, the landowner can be listed as an additional party on the policy. This allows some claims to be made on the hunt clubs’ policy, rather than your own, which will help to keep your premiums down.

For more information on landowner liability insurance policies in Texas, visit Texas Outdoor Insurance. Our team of experts has extensive experience creating hunting liability insurance, and can work with you to make sure all of your needs are covered.