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Dude Ranch Insurance: Important Dude Ranch Insurance Coverage Options

Dude ranches offer activities such as horseback riding, boating, fishing, and more!

It is action-packed activities like these that draw people to dude ranches, but it is also this combination of guests and activities that makes dude ranches a high-risk operation. Since dude ranches are considered high-risk, it makes the need for insurance greater as well.

Here is a basic outline of what to look for when it comes to finding insurance coverage for your dude ranch. 

Property Coverage
A property insurance policy will cover your property in the event of a fire or natural disasters. Additional coverage can be purchased to cover property against damage caused by perils such as hail, windstorms, rioting, or vandalism. 

Liability Coverage
Dude ranches offer a wide variety of recreational activities, which is why it’s important for dude ranch owners to make sure they have the right insurance policies to protect themselves from liability in case something goes wrong.

Liability coverage is an important part of any recreation site. It covers against the claims of bodily injury, or personal injury. It also protects you in the case a guest –or trespasser- becomes injured on your property, or at your ranch.

Be sure to list all activities when applying for coverage, as different recreational activities require different types of insurance. Different areas of activity also come with different levels of risk, so be sure to include all areas and make sure you have proper amounts of coverage to protect you, your ranch, and your guests. 

Equipment Coverage
Dude ranches usually involve tractors, ATVs, watercraft, and commercial vehicles that are used on a daily basis. Your insurance agent can help you to find a policy that includes liability coverage for these vehicles.

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we understand that insurance is an important part of your business. We can make it easy for you to find a policy that provides coverage for all your needs.

Be sure to talk with a Texas Outdoor agent to ensure that all aspects of your dude ranch are covered - and get back to what matters most -enjoying the outdoors!