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Tree Stand Safety for Hunting Clubs

Tree stands are one of the most popular pieces of equipment used by deer hunters.

However, tree stands are involved in one in three accidents -making tree stand safety education important for every hunt club.

Here are some important precautions that hunt clubs should take to help reduce their liability, and decrease the chance of an accident.

Read the Owner’s Manuel
It is important to read the owner’s manual from cover to cover to make sure that you understand how to install the tree stand correctly, and also to ensure that you know how to use the safety harness as well.

Provide Safety Harness With Each Tree Stand
Tree stand manufactures provide harnesses with their tree stands. These safety harnesses can help to prevent serious injury in case of a fall. Always be sure to provide a safety harness for each tree stand. 

Check and Repair Each Tree Stand at Least Once Per Year
Annual inspection is an important part of accident prevention. Ensuring that the tree stands and harnesses are in good shape can help to prevent accidents due to damaged equipment. It’s a good idea to document the status of the tree stands, and to make a note of all the inspections and repairs.

Create a Safety Policy
Create and enforce a policy that outlines the proper use of tree stands. Include safety precautions and dangers of tree stand misuse. Ensure that each member obtains a copy of the policy.

Never Mechanically Modify a Tree Stand
Never mechanically alter a tree stand. Mechanically altering a tree stand will void the warranty, and in some cases, the insurance policy as well. Tree stands that are found to be defective should be returned to the manufacturer. Tree stands that have sustained damage should be thrown away.

Instruct Members to Inspect Tree Stands Prior to Use
Tree stands, safety harnesses, tether straps, and tree belts should be inspected before each use. It is important to inform members of the hunt club to inspect tree stands before use. Tree stands should not be used if any damage is found.

Purchase an Insurance Policy
While safety is important, even the most diligent of hunt club members can become involved in an accident. Hunt clubs should protect themselves with a comprehensive liability insurance policy.

Education is key to accident prevention. By helping to ensure that your hunt club members are well informed on tree stand safety, you can help to drastically reduce the chance of accidents.

Make sure that your hunt club is covered in case of an accident, check with your insurance provider to see about liability insurance today.