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Additional Farm Insurance Coverage Options: Make Sure Your Texas Ranch or Farm is Covered

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we understand that your farm is your livelihood. We have extensive experience in matching Texas farms and ranch owners with policies that are designed around their individual needs.

Whether you are a large commercial grower, or own a farm or ranch, it’s important to make sure you have adequate insurance coverage to protect you in case of the unexpected. At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we will work with you to help you to make sure that your farm or ranch has adequate coverage.

Here are some valuable Texas farm and ranch insurance coverage options that we offer:

Depending on the type of farm or ranch you own, you might consider taking out a spoilage insurance policy. For instance, if you own or operate a dairy farm and the milk becomes spoiled due to equipment failure or power loss, spoilage coverage will provide valuable coverage in case of a loss.

Contents Coverage
As a farm or ranch owner, you probably already have property insurance to protect your buildings and structures on your farm, but property insurance doesn’t always extend to provide coverage for belongings and equipment inside of the buildings. Make sure your valuable equipment and belongings are covered by purchasing additional contents coverage.

Equipment Breakdown
Your equipment and machinery is vital to your farm or ranch’s operations. Make sure your equipment is covered with an equipment breakdown insurance policy. This coverage will pay for repairs involved with equipment or machinery breakdown.

ATV Insurance
If you use ATVs on your farm, make sure they are covered with an ATV insurance policy. ATV insurance can offer coverage for your ATVs while they are on the premises, and off as well. Medical coverage can also be obtained in case you sustain an injury while operating the ATV.

Business Interruption Insurance
Your farm is your livelihood, should something happen causing an interruption in the normal day-to-day activities, a business interruption insurance policy will provide coverage helping to keep your business afloat, paying for lost net income and continuing expenses.

Whether you are looking for basic property insurance, liability insurance, or a specialized insurance policy that provides coverage for a unique set of risks that you face, at Texas Outdoor Insurance, we offer a wide range of different insurance coverage options for you to choose from. Contact Texas Outdoor Insurance today and make sure you are covered.