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Hunting Season Safety Checklist for Hunting Clubs

For hunting clubs, there is nothing more important than safety.

Safety precautions can help to greatly reduce the chance of an accident.

Help your hunting club members to stay safe this season by taking some of these steps towards accident prevention.

Tree Stand Safety
Tree stands are involved in one in three accidents, meaning that this is one of the higher risk categories for an accident. Tree stands are commonly used in hunting clubs, and are popular for hunters. 

  • Inspect and repair tree stands annually
  • Create a safety policy and ensure each members has a copy
  • Always provide safety harnesses for each tree stand
  • Purchase a liability insurance policy

Gun Safety
Gun related accidents are among the most tragic of accidents. Loaded and mishandled guns lead to accidents that can easily be prevented with some basic gun safety courses. Simple safety procedures can save lives. By knowing how to handle a gun safely, you protect yourself and other hunters too. 

  • Offer basic gun safety classes, or require members to pass a hunting safety class
  • Guns should be unloaded before transport to avoid accidental discharge
  • All members should be instructed to always treat a gun like it is loaded
  • All members should be instructed to always be certain of their target, and what is behind their target
  • Members should be instructed to never climb into a tree stand with a loaded gun

ATV/Watercraft/Vehicle Safety
Safety with vehicles, both land and watercraft – is important. Vehicles, ATV’s and watercraft are all commonly used on hunting trips, and it is important to have safety policies in place to help with accident prevention. Here are some important things to include in a safety policy.

  • Members should never operate ATV’s while under the influence of drugs of alcohol
  • ATV’s are designed to be operated off-highway, and should not be driven on paved roads
  • Proper safety gear including a helmet, long pants, boots, and gloves, should be worn while operating an ATV

By keeping safety a top priority, your hunting club can help to reduce the chance of accidents. The fewer accidents you or your club are involved in – the better it is for everyone.

Insurance rates can increase with the number of accidents. Taking steps to keep the accident rate down can keep your insurance rates down as well.