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Hunting and Fishing Lodge Insurance Coverage Options

Hunting and fishing lodges are popular in the state of Texas, and it’s easy to see why. Lodges provide a perfect break from everyday life, and offer sportsmen a chance to relax and take in the scenic beauty, while participating in their favorite outdoor activities. 

As a hunting or fishing lodge owner, having a comprehensive insurance policy is important.

With hunt club insurance, you can ensure that your guests have fun, and that your lodge is properly insured against any problems that may arise.

To ensure you have the proper amount of coverage, or the right coverage for your specific needs be sure to talk with your agent.

Here are some of the coverage options that are available for hunting and fishing lodges.

General Liability
General liability insurance is an especially important coverage option. General liability provides basic, valuable protection from most legal claims or accidents. 

Facility Protection
Facility protection is an important coverage that includes property insurance, as well as an option to insure any cabins, outbuildings, or even hunting equipment.

Vehicle Liability Insurance/Watercraft Liability Insurance
Vehicle liability insurance provides coverage for the vehicles used in hunting or fishing. Be sure to specify to your insurance agent which vehicles you have in order to obtain the right coverage. 

Worker’s Compensation
Worker’s compensation is important for any lodge that employees people. This coverage provides wage replacement and medical payments to employees, should they sustain a work related injury.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
This coverage provides important liability coverage, should an employee of the lodge take legal action against their employer. This coverage provides protection against claims of negligence and discrimination. Due to the growing number of discrimination lawsuits against companies, EPLI is an especially important insurance policy for companies with employees.

Be sure to talk with your insurance agent about the specific needs of your lodge, in order to ensure you obtain a policy that is extensive enough.

The right policy is important for ensuring that your lodge, property, and any guests, members, and employees are covered.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, talk to Texas Outdoor Insurance about hunting and fishing lodge insurance today. (877) 952-1010