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Fishing Lodge Insurance

Texas is home to many beautiful inland rivers and lakes that are perfect for fly-fishing. With an extensive gulf coastline, Texas is also known for having some of the best salt-water fishing in the country. This popularity allows Texas fishing lodges to thrive.

If you are a fishing lodge owner, you probably understand the importance of insurance, but did you know that a general insurance policy may not be extensive enough? Depending on the size of your lodge, whether or not you have employees, and the number of guests you receive each year, your current policy may not provide enough coverage.

Because a fishing lodge is essentially a small business, lodges need commercial liability, as well as property insurance. If you have employees, you should also consider workers’ compensation and employment practices liability insurance.

Fishing Lodge insurance policies can provide coverage for the following areas:

Property Insurance
This covers the facility; the buildings, and outbuildings, as well as some coverage for the building’s contents and some of the outdoor equipment and property.

General Liability
Liability coverage is important for preventing the devastation that lawsuits and liability claims can cause. These claims can be costly, and for any small business, just one lawsuit could be enough to shut a lodge down. It isn’t worth the risk.

Contents Insurance
When it comes to fishing, there is often costly equipment involved. Make sure you have enough coverage for your equipment such as fishing equipment, gear, and trolling motors. You may also consider adding guest property coverage as well.

Business Interruption
For many lodges, business is seasonal. Since there are a few month out of the year that most lodges are in operation, generating income during those months is vital. Any interruptions during those months could be devastating. Protect your lodge from unexpected downtime with business interruption insurance.

Watercraft Liability Insurance
This coverage provides protection from liability should an accident occur on your watercraft, fishing boats, skiffs, etc.

Workers’ Compensation
If your lodge has employees, it is wise to consider worker’s comp insurance. This covers your company in case an employee sustains a work related accident or injury.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)
This coverage is important for providing extra liability coverage in case an employee files a case against your company for harassment, discrimination, or negligence.

These are just some of the coverage options that are available for a fishing lodge. For more extensive list of policy options, be sure to talk with us today. One of our agents would be happy to talk with you about options, and answer any questions you may have. (877) 952-1010