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Hunting Club Liability Insurance

Hunting club liability insurance provides general liability coverage for all members of the hunting club, as well as for the owner of the land on which they hunt.

Landowners, who allow a hunting club to use their land, usually require the hunting club to have a liability policy. This policy helps to protect the landowner from liability that an accident on their property could cause.

For hunting clubs, the importance of insurance should not be underestimated. Some of the most important coverage that a hunting club should consider are comprehensive liability coverage for injury liability, fire liability and damage protection.

A hunting club liability policy should cover the following:

General Liability Coverage
If a landowner is leasing their land to a hunting club, legally they assume partial responsibility for the hunting club’s safety. This is why landowners usually require the hunting club to have a general insurance policy, to protect the landowner from liability in case the club members cause damage or sustain injury.

Hunting clubs can also potentially be held liable, should a member become injured or cause property damage. Hunting liability insurance protects landowners and clubs up to the amount specified on the policy, should an accident, or destruction due to negligence take place. 

Club Member Liability Coverage
Hunting club insurance covers club members as additional insureds, meaning that individual members, as well as the club itself, will be defended against allegations of destruction of property due to negligence. Without liability coverage, if a club member accidently leaves a campfire burning, or causes injury to someone, the hunt club or landowner could potentially be held liable.

Property Damage
This coverage is for damage that the hunting club causes to property that they are leasing or renting. This includes buildings, structures, and personal property of others. This can usually be extended to include damage caused by tree stands, ATVs, or even hunting dogs and firearms.

Hunting liability insurance is designed to offer coverage in case of a lawsuit. For additional coverage in case of an accident, additional medical or injury coverage is highly recommended.

Usually hunting clubs will need to obtain a hunting lease from the landowner, before a policy can be issued. Talk with Texas Outdoor Insurance today and see how a hunting club insurance policy can protect you and your group. (877) 952-1010