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Protect your youth sports team today with solid Texas Sports Insurance

As we gear up for the football season to begin, now is the time to review your insurance needs and ensure your youth sports team is protected against lawsuits.

Sports organizations know that injuries and property damages can happen in the field of play. To protect against these injuries and property damages, there is the need to have adequate insurance coverage and protection.

Whether you are the field manager, youth sports manager or private host of community events, not having adequate coverage could expose you to liabilities arising from injuries or property related lawsuits.

Having one type of insurance is not enough to protect against all accidents and injuries so Texas Outdoor Insurance offers various sports insurance packages that meet these needs.

Sports Accident Liability Insurance

Being able to fight lawsuits arising from sports injuries and property damages is good but preventing lawsuits in the first place is better. That is why it is important to purchase Sports Accident Liability Insurance before accidents happen. This type of insurance covers medical bills of injured athletes and volunteers. This minimizes the need for lawsuits and allows your volunteers and participants to enjoy the event without worry.

General Liability Insurance for Sporting Events

The General Liability Insurance provides coverage for sporting organizations against lawsuits. This type of insurance pays court costs and other legal fees in the event that your organization is sued for negligence. Depending on the structure of the coverage could cover all personnel including the organization, all officers and personnel, and volunteers during sporting events.

Sports Directors and Managers Liability Insurance

Sports organizations can also choose to provide coverage for their Directors, Managers and other senior staff if they believe they have adequate general liability coverage. This policy is designed to provide coverage against allegations of harm due to Sports Directors and Managers’ negligence or decisions. These may include lawsuits due to wrongful terminations, workplace discrimination, player or personnel suspensions and more. General Liability Insurance policies do not provide this coverage.

At Texas Outdoors Insurance, we can provide complete sports and general liability insurance protection for your sports team. Call us today at 1-877-952-1010 for complete details or complete our short Texas sports insurance request form.