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Hunting and Trapping Liability Insurance - Get adequate coverage today

The type of insurance needed for hunting and trapping can be a confusing subject.

If you are a hunter, or you have land that is used for hunting and trapping, it seems obvious that extra liability insurance is needed. Hunting can be a dangerous sport involving injuries or accidents. However, many people aren’t aware of what type of coverage they need, and often assume that home or land insurance will cover liability.

Types of Hunting and Trapping Liability Insurance

Hunting liability insurance covers risks beyond a standard homeowner’s insurance policy. There are two basic types of coverage – hunting insurance or trapping insurance for those who lease their land for hunting and trapping activities, and individual policies to cover hunters and members of hunting groups.

Both types of policies cover accidents related to:

  • Tree stands
  • ATV’s
  • Mobile and water equipment
  • Firearms
  • Traps

individual Hunting and Trapping Liability Insurance

For individuals or groups, hunting liability insurance or trapping liability insurance protects individual members and guests. In most cases, members of a hunt club can be covered as long as the club has a name and identifies itself as a formal entity. Some policies also cover accidents from shooting at a competition or shooting range.

Hunting and Trapping Insurance for Landowners

For landowners, Texas outdoor insurance helps them meet their duty to protect clients who hunt on their grounds, those who lease their land for hunting and trapping activities, and even trespassers who may get injured on their land.

Landowners who lease their property for recreational activities are required to inspect the land and alert guests to potential hazards.

Under Texas law, landowners have a great deal of protection from liability from guests or trespassers, but it’s still essential to have adequate liability coverage. It’s important to check local laws and regulations to find out what your obligations are.

Different laws exist for those who pay to lease your land, social guests and trespassers. There are special considerations for land that is near a school or otherwise accessible by children, especially if it has elements that are inviting to children, like caves or swimming facilities.

Landowners can cover themselves by requiring a hunting club or group to include them on a liability policy as an additional insured party. It’s also important to have separate liability coverage for land.

On large areas of land, there is potential for dangerous conditions that could cause injury, like open wells, bodies of water and flooding. Insurance is usually billed by acreage. Policies are available to cover parks, campgrounds, resorts and other outdoor facilities.

Hunting and trapping insurance policies can seem complicated and confusing for individuals and property owners. Don't despair. Simply call us at Texas Outdoor Insurance, your hunting and trapping insurance experts and we will help you get the best policies for your property or hobby.