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For hunt clubs with ATV’s or other off-road vehicles, taking precautions to keeping accidents at bay is the best way to keep insurance rates from rising. By reducing your accident rate, you reduce the amount of claims you have to submit to your insurance, and by reducing claims, you keep your insurance rates from rising.

ATV accidents account for up to 90,000 injuries per year and more than 150 deaths. For hunt clubs that offer off-road vehicles, it’s important to do everything you can to keep accidents to a minimum.

Control Speeds

Excessive speeds are one of the main causes of ATV accidents. Outline the importance of controlled speeds to your members and guests, and implement consequences for excessive speeds. Members should never chase or harass wildlife, or provoke livestock with ATVs.

Limit Passengers Who Ride

By limiting the amount of passengers who are able to ride on ATVs, you can reduce the amount of accidents that occur. It is not recommended to transport passengers on ATV’s, and if you do –proper care should be taken.

Avoid Using Three-Wheeled ATVs

Three-wheeled ATVs have been banned for sale by Congress since 1988. These vehicles have a poor safety record and are dangerous. If you still have three-wheeled ATVs consider upgrading to safer four-wheelers.

Require Safety Equipment

Safety equipment such as helmets, are an important part of operating an ATV. Without them, the chance of serious injury or death is higher. Make sure you require members to wear safety equipment; gloves, boots, long pants, and eye protection, while operating one of your vehicles.

Outline your ATV policy in writing, and be sure to have your guests sign a waiver stating that they acknowledge the rules you have laid out. This will help to reduce your chances of being held liable for an accident that could have been prevented. The fewer accidents that occur, the better chance you will have at keeping your insurance premiums lower.

If an accident does occur -be sure to report it to your insurance agent right away.