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For anyone who owns a feedlot, pasture, dairy farm, or high value animals, the right commercial insurance policy should be a crucial part of your business.

Not only will the right policy protect you from loss of use or damage to your livestock or equipment, it will also include liability –to protect your financial responsibilities in case of a damaging third-party allegations or lawsuits.

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we work hard to match our clients with policies that are designed around their specific needs, from small farms to commercial grade feedlots and dairy farms, we are experienced and able to design a policy that’s customized around your individual risks and needs.

What coverage is included under a livestock insurance policy? Here are some of the coverage options that we offer:

Named Perils/All Perils Coverage

Coverage is available on a named-perils basis, or as all-perils coverage. Choose from any number of specific perils including fire, lightning, vandalism, theft, and more; or opt for all perils coverage for more comprehensive protection.

High-Value Animal Coverage

Coverage is available on a per-animal basis, and can include animals such as show or breeding animals. This insurance can cover veterinary costs, as well as loss of use, and can provide protection for theft, or death.

Herd Coverage

Herd coverage is the most common way to insure livestock, especially for an operation dealing with a herd of 100 head or more. This coverage can include feedlots, pastures, and dairy cattle, and can extend to provide coverage for loss of use or death due to a number of perils, drowning, vandalism, or smothering.

Additional Policy Options

Depending on the size of your operation, and the amount of inventory that you have, and the varying degrees of risk that you face, you may want to consider the following insurance options to make sure you have maximum coverage:

  • Agreed Value
    Agreed value is the value agreed upon at the time the insurance policy is taken out. Generally, agreed value is placed on animals with a higher value.
  • Transit Costs
    If something should happen to your livestock during transit, generally the transit coverage will cover the cost of the animal as well as the shipping costs involved.

Every livestock insurance policy is different with varying levels of coverage. Talk with Texas Outdoor Insurance today to learn more about livestock insurance. Most policies take 30 days to go into effect, so contact us today to get started.