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Insurance Policies to Protect Your Farm or Ranch

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we understand that as a farm or ranch owner, your insurance needs vary greatly from other businesses.

Whether you are a large commercial grower, or a livestock or dairy farm, we understand that your policy requirements may be unique and varied, and we are here to help. We will work with you to help you ensure that your farm or ranch has adequate coverage.

Here are some valuable farm and ranch coverage options that we offer.

Property coverage includes buildings on the property such as your house, and barns, outbuildings, or other structures. This coverage can provide protection from perils such as storms, fires, and other disasters. Additional coverage can be purchased for the contents inside the buildings as well.

Farm equipment and machinery is a costly investment. Make sure your equipment is covered with an equipment policy. This coverage provides protection against perils listed on the policy, such as fire, vandalism, theft, lightning, and flooding. Farm equipment coverage can be purchased as a blanket policy, or as individual policies on each piece of equipment.

Livestock insurance can be taken out as a blanket policy, or on an individual basis for high value animals. Perils that can be included on a comprehensive livestock insurance policy include fire, hail, and electric shock. Add-ones can also be purchased for veterinary coverage, as well as loss of use, and more.

Insure your farm vehicles with insurance for tractors, pickups, vans, farm trucks, trailers, and more. We offer comprehensive insurance which covers damage to your vehicle, as well as your liability for damage to other vehicles.

Liability insurance is important coverage that protects your interests in case someone becomes injured on your farm or ranch. Coverage varies depending on the level of risk, as well as the amount of traffic that your farm receives.

If your farm hires employees, you may want to consider workers compensation, as well as EPLI as important liability protection.

  • Workers Compensation: If you have employees working on your farm, you may want to consider taking out a workers compensation policy. Workers compensation pays for an injured employee’s medical expenses and a portion of lost wages if the employee is injured due to a work-related accident. Additionally, workers compensation provides valuable protection for you as an employer as well.
  • EPLI: As a farm owner with employees, you may also want to consider Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI). This insurance provides protection for you from employment-related lawsuits related to your employment practices.

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we have extensive experience in creating policies for farm and ranch owners, and would be happy to create a farm or ranch insurance policy that is designed around your specific needs.

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