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If you are considering leasing your land out to hunters this hunting season you’re certainly not alone.

Many landowners are leasing their land to hunters during the hunting season. Available public hunting land has been in decline in recent years, and hunters are being forced to look for alternatives, which is pushing up the value of privately owned hunting land.

Leasing out land for hunting out can be a great way to earn some additional income. But one important precaution that you should take before allowing hunters on your property, is to ensure that your liabilities are covered with liability insurance.

  • Is Liability Insurance Really Necessary? Over 20 million hunters hit the fields each year, and hunting is considered to be a relatively safe sport. Still, accidents, and injuries can and do happen. As a property owner, you could be held liable for injuries that occur on your property, regardless of fault. To ensure you are protected against allegations or lawsuits, taking out an insurance policy with adequate coverage is the best way that you can protect yourself from liabilities.
  • What Does It Cost? The cost will vary depending on the coverage options you are seeking, as well as the amount of coverage you are seeking. However, it’s important to remember that no matter the cost, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind and security in the event that someone becomes injured on your property.
  • What Does a Landowner Liability Policy Cover? Insurance policies that can be tailored for your needs. Most insurance policies will offer coverage for you against claims of bodily injury or accidents that occur on your property. You should take care to read the terms of your general liability insurance policy carefully, to see what is covered, and what’s excluded. In most cases, a general liability insurance policy will not provide coverage for:
    • Pollution
    • Employees
    • Workers Compensation
    • Property Damage
    • Intended Liability
    These are just a few of the excluded coverage options. It is important that you talk with your insurance agent to ensure that you have adequate coverage, and to make sure that you are protected from liabilities.

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