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Every hunting season sees hunting accidents of all types. Tree stand falls, firearm accidents, ATV wrecks, and falls are among the most common accidents that cause injury or death.

As a Texas hunt club owner, you know firsthand the risk involved and associated with hunting. To help reduce the chance of injury or accident, it’s important to take active steps to reduce these risks; and to protect yourself, as well as your hunt club members from liabilities that are associated with these types of accidents.

Here are a few important things to consider when looking for an insurance policy for your hunt club.

  • Be Aware of Policy Exclusions Were you aware that your insurance policy also has exclusions? Depending on your insurance policy – there may be certain things that are excluded from coverage. For instance – some insurance policies exclude damages caused by fire. If you want to have full protection for your hunt club, be sure you understand the exclusions –and take out additional coverage when needed.
  • Compare Policies While hunting club insurance may seem like a lot at the time, it’s a small price to pay to ensure the protection of your club. It’s a good idea to shop around, but make sure you shop smart. Remember: the cheapest coverage isn’t always the best. When shopping, be sure to compare like for like coverage. Cheaper policies often exclude valuable coverage.
  • Take Active Steps to Reduce Risks The best way to keep your insurance premiums down, as well as keeping things such as lawsuits to a minimum is to reduce the risks of injury or damage. Here are a few examples of preventative measures that should be taken:
    • Old wells should be covered
    • Make sure your property is well marked
    • Enforce firearm and safety rules
    • Offer safety classes
    • Have an emergency plan

    These are just a few examples of the many possibly ways to ensure the safety of your guests, as well as preventing your insurance rates from rising due to claims.

  • Liability Waiver It’s not uncommon for landowners to have hunters sign a liability waiver when hunting on their property –releasing the owner from liability. It is also quickly becoming common for hunt club owners to require hunters to sign a liability waiver as well. While a liability waiver isn’t a substitute for liability protection, by having a liability waiver, you can help keep your insurance premiums lower.

For more information on Texas hunting club liability insurance, contact Texas Outdoor Insurance today.