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Reduce Hunt Club Liabilities: Maintaining Safety in a Hunt Club

For hunting clubs, safety should be a top priority.

In order to reduce the chance of an accident or serious injury, most hunting clubs take the time to create safety policies, but it’s equally important to ensure that those policies are properly enforced, and adhered to by all members and guests.

The following tips can help you to keep your hunt club members safe, reducing the chance of accidents.

Appoint Good Leaders
A good leader is one of best ways to prevent accidents caused by carelessness. When you choose officers for your hunt club, choose someone who sets the right tone for the group. You will want to find officers who follow the rules themselves. Leaders need to be able to enforce rules, as well as report violators.

Create Rules and Enforce Them
Setting rules and enforcing them is the best way to keep your hunt club members safe. Put rules in place, and enforce them. Rules that aren’t enforced will be broken without a second thought, and unenforced rules serve as liabilities. In case of an accident, one could argue in court that if the rules were in place, the hunt club knew the dangers of that activity. Make sure you choose wisely when creating rules, and ensure that they are properly enforced.

Safety First
As a hunt club safety should be your number one concern. Make sure dangers are well-marked, and safety precautions are taken seriously. Hold routine meetings that give your members the opportunity to express safety concerns - and then take action to correct those safety issues.

Liability Insurance
Finally, it’s important for hunt clubs to make sure they have a proper level of liability coverage, just in case something goes wrong. Liability coverage is important protection in case of an accident involving firearms, off-road vehicles, tree stands, and more.

Don’t wait until an accident occurs to take action. Take steps to prevent accidents, and reduce liabilities. And as a bonus, the fewer accidents your hunt club has, the better your insurance premiums will look when it comes time to renew.