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Texas Hunting Guide and Outfitter Insurance: Important Coverage for a Guided Expedition

Texas is home to prime hunting grounds that are second-to-none. For many hunters though, finding a prime hunting location is difficult, or time consuming.

Fortunately for hunting enthusiasts though, hunting guides and outfitters are available to help make life easier. Whether it’s an out of town hunter looking to find the best place to hunt deer or turkey, or local hunters who simply want to make the most of their time out on the trail, many hunters are turning to hunting guides to help ensure their hunting experience is the best that it can be.

Hunting guides and outfitters face a wide range of challenges that come with guided operations. In this line of work, you never really know what to expect; the right insurance policy can help you to be prepared in case something should go wrong.

No matter if you own a hunting lodge or offer guided hunting trips, make sure you have coverage to protect you from the unexpected. Hunting guide and outfitter insurance protects you from the risks associated with guided excursions. With guide insurance, you can protect yourself from third party injury liability, and property damage claims brought against you as a result of your operations.  

  1. Guide Insurance: Guide insurance is important for anyone who leads a guided expedition, such as hunting, fishing, or hiking. A guide is responsible for all parties on the expedition, and it’s important to make sure that the tour is properly insured.
  2. Outfitter Insurance: An outfitter scouts out land for lease, leases the land from homeowners, and then leases it out to hunters. With numerous parties involved with the operations of an outfitter, there is an increased liability risk. Outfitters should make sure they have liability insurance, in case something should go wrong.

Coverage Options
Insurance policies available for guides or outfitters include the following:

  1. General Liability: General liability insurance is an essential insurance coverage for any expedition. This coverage protects you and your company from accidents for which you are held responsible. In most cases, it covers the cost of property damages or an third party’s medical expenses, and will pay for your defense if a claim is brought against you.
  2. Property Coverage – Property coverage is protection for your equipment in case of damage or loss. This coverage protects your property while it is at a specific location that is listed on your policy.
  3. Inland Marine –While property coverage protects your equipment while you are at the location listed on your policy, inland marine provides coverage for your property while it is in transit, or at various locations.

If you are involved with guided expeditions or hunting excursions, be sure to talk with Texas Outdoor Insurance, Houston insurance specialists, to ensure you are covered. Policies vary so check with your insurance provider to make sure you have enough coverage.