Additional Coverage Options for Texas Hunting Clubs

As the owner of a hunt club, you are probably already aware of your need for insurance. You may even have a general liability policy in place. But even if you have a basic insurance policy, you may want to consider additional coverage to protect you from the range of liabilities that you face.

Risk factors include whether or not you own land, whether you are a commercial or non-profit, and the type of activities that your hunt club participates in. It’s important to discuss your risks and liabilities with your insurance provider, to make sure you have enough coverage -in case of the unexpected.

Here are some coverage options to discuss with your insurance agent:

Most insurance policies are designed to cover all of the major aspects of your business in one policy. But occasionally, additional coverage is required. If you have any questions regarding your insurance policy and coverage options, be sure to talk with Texas Outdoor Insurance, your Houston-based hunt club insurance specialists today.