Are you Liable When the Injured person is Careless

Dealing with insurance companies, insurance policies, and liability is a difficult task. It is for this reason that a property owner should know and understand the rules and regulations of liability when it comes to property insurance.

When you purchase a house or any property you are required, by law, to obtain property insurance. This helps protect you, the property owner, and it helps protect all those that are welcomed onto your property. In most cases liability falls on the shoulders of the property owner. This means that a property owner has a responsibility to be a responsible person. The property owner must have property insurance and they must act in a responsible way by taking care of all issues that might cause personal injury to guests on the property.

When and if an accident occurs on your property it might be difficult to tell who the negligent or careless person was.  In some cases it might be the property owner. If it is cold and snowy outside the property owner should shovel and salt the parking area and the walk ways to the home or business. If someone falls due to the property owners negligence the property owner is liable for the injuries sustained. If the customer or guest has high heel shoes on and they fall because they were not wearing the right shoes the property owner can still be found liable even though the other person was negligent. If it was snowing outside and someone slipped who was wearing high heeled shoes it will be very difficult to prove who was negligent.  This is why most liability cases land on the shoulders of the property owners.

If you are thinking of opening a business or purchasing a house you will need to purchase property insurance to ensure your property is covered in case of an injury sustained on the property. You should ensure that you have good property insurance to help protect against liability cases.

There are many companies that offer insurance to property owners. It will be up to the property owner to decide which policy and which company to go with. To ensure they are getting the insurance that they need for the price that they want, the property owner will need to complete a Google search for the insurance companies in their area. The property owner will then need to choose the insurance company that has great customer care and a good policy that covers all that is needed.