Available Hunting Leases: Which One’s Best for You? : Texas Outdoor Insurance

If you're a hunter who is looking to hunt on private land, there are a few different options available to you. The best way to determine which type of lease will best suit your needs is to evaluate your needs, time requirements, and your budget.

Hunting leases fall into a few different basic categories. Read on to find out which type of lease works best for you.

  1. Individuals: Private individuals who own land, and wish to lease it out to hunters or hunt clubs will need a hunting lease. Individuals are generally farmers who have decided to lease their land as a way to earn some additional income. A hunting lease will help to protect the landowner’s interests, and outlines the rules for both the landowner and hunter. Landowner’s insurance is also important in order for the landowner to protect himself in the event that a hunter becomes injured on the property. One great thing about hunting on privately leased land is that most landowners are accommodating and helpful. They will want to make sure you enjoy hunting on their land –and might even be able to show you where they have seen some deer feeding recently!
  2. Outfitters: Outfitters are companies or individuals who conduct hunting trips. They provide the gear, food, supplies, and guide services. Outfitters guide hunters on specialty hunting trips, and are often used by hunters who are in unfamiliar territory. From scouting, to setting up, outfitters will do all of the hard work for you and allow you to make the most of your hunting experience. Outfitters have available land ready to lease out to any ready hunter. If you are looking to hunt a new area, or if you are short on time an outfitter may be the way to go.
  3. Hunt Clubs: Hunt clubs are especially popular among hunters. Offering just about everything needed to hunt, hunt clubs make it easy for hunters with a limited amount of time. Hunt clubs offer everything from land leases, to hunting guides, tree stands and more. One of the benefits of hunting with a hunt club, is that the hunt club will be able to guarantee access to private hunting land. Belonging to a hunt club also means that the financial resources of the club members will be pooled, making it more affordable to lease privately owned land.

If you are considering a hunting lease, make sure you have insurance before you head out! While hunting is a relatively safe outdoor activity, accidents still can, and do happen and it’s best to be prepared. An insurance policy can also help to protect your liability, meaning if you accidently cause damage to someone’s property, your insurance policy will help to shield you from costly and extensive lawsuits.

Whether you use a hunt club, outfitter, or lease land through a private individual, Texas Outdoor Insurance has you covered. With policies available to suit any need and budget we would be happy to help you find a policy that’s right for you. (877) 952-1010.