Texas Outdoor Insurance - Why you should get Hunting Insurance for Your Property Today

Deer hunting season is almost upon us and whether you are a landowner leasing to hunting enthusiasts, hunting clubs or fishing sportsmen, insuring your property against liabilities due to hunting accidents is essential.

As a property owner, you assume certain risks when you lease your property or invite game hunters to your property. You could be held liable in cases of injuries or accidents on your property.

Business insurance does not cover hunting accidents

Most property owners have business liability insurance on their farms, ranches or RV Parks, among others, but business liability insurance do not cover ranches, farms, hunting preserves or other outdoor venues against accidents and injuries.

Outdoor insurance policies provide adequate liability coverage

Most outdoor liability insurance policies provide up to $1 million coverage per occurrence and $2 million aggregate. This provides adequate coverage and ensures your properties are fully protected against lawsuits and injuries.

Outdoor liability insurance policy may also provide coverage for accidents to participants while on your property. Firearms accidents, ATV accidents, tree stands, other mobile equipment and watercraft accidents are covered by outdoor insurance.

All outdoor businesses can be covered by Outdoors Insurance

Depending on the type of outdoor business you operate, you may need liability insurance that protects your ranch, hunting lodge, Rod and Gun Club, Dude Ranch and Guesthouse, Recreation and Sports arena or farm against injuries and deaths.

At Texas Outdoors Insurance, we can provide complete hunting, sports and general liability insurance protection for your sports team. Call us today at 1-877-952-1010 for complete details or complete our short Texas sports insurance request form.