Hunting Club Liability Insurance Options: Valuable Coverage Options That Every Hunt Club Should Have

Designed for hunting enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of the hunt, hunting clubs are growing in popularity. Part of the reason for hunt clubs’ growth is the decline in public hunting grounds. Belonging to a hunt club allows members privileged access to private hunting land –something that every hunter can appreciate.

If you own a hunt club, you understand the risks involved with overseeing hunting expeditions. Don’t risk all of your assets and security due to accidents or damage caused by your hunting club members, protecting your hunting club from liability is an important step for a hunt club owner.

Comprehensive hunting club liability insurance can provide valuable liability protection for incidents arising from the operations of your hunt club and its members. Understanding your available coverage options can help you to find an insurance policy that suits your needs best. Here are some valuable liability coverage options that are available to hunt clubs.

Liability Coverage
Liability coverage is important protection against liability due to accidents involving firearms, ATVs, tree stands, and more. Make sure you inform your insurance agent which equipment your hunt club will be using, in order to ensure that you’re covered. This coverage usually includes bodily injury, property damage, as well as some auto liability. Liability coverage is usually available as limited liability, which covers operations on the designated premises, and broad liability coverage, which provides coverage regardless of the location.

Guest Liability Coverage
Guest liability coverage provides the hunting club with protection for acts on behalf of the guests, for which the hunt club could be held legally responsible. Should one of the hunt club guests cause damage to property, or bodily harm, the hunting club could be help legally responsible. A guest liability policy can protect the hunt club from liability, and costly lawsuits.

Member-to-Member Coverage
Hunt clubs should consider a policy that contains member-to-member coverage. This coverage provides protection from cross-member liability claims.

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