International Hunting Trip Preparedness: Important precautions and preparations for international hunting

A hunting trip can be exciting time. An international hunting trip is the dream of a lifetime, and something that should be carefully planned out.

Planning an international hunting trip involves everything from researching equipment that you will need, to booking international hunting guides. It is also important to research the area you are planning to visit, and read up on country’s rules and regulations involving hunting equipment.

To help you to prepare for your international hunting trip, here are some important things that you may want to add to your checklist.

Health Check
Staying healthy before your trip is important, as is taking steps to help protect your health while you are abroad. Be sure to check into needed or recommended immunizations, as some diseases are deadly and can be contracted overseas. Consider bringing water-purifying tablets if you are going to an underdeveloped country. 

Packing Prep
Be sure to pack items that you may need to cope with conditions in the areas you are planning to visit. Keep in mind the potential weather changes, and all possible situations you may encounter. If possible, bring a satellite phone with you. Cell phones don’t always work in certain locations, and a satellite phone is always a good option. Also, bring a first aid kit –just in case. If you plan to visit an area with thick brush, be sure to pack protective clothing that will cover you completely. Check the climate and prepare accordingly. Also, be sure to check the requirements for bringing guns and rifles, as some airlines have special requirements for firearms, and some countries have restrictions on these as well.

Go prepared. Be sure to check into multiple policies for international travel. Policies such as travel insurance and health insurance are both important policies to check into. Health insurance is another thing to look into. While travel insurance offers some health coverage, it may not be enough coverage in case of an accident. Be sure to take out a policy to protect your equipment as well. Talk to your agent to find out more about which policies you will need for an international hunting trip.