Sports Liability Insurance: Are You Covered?

Sports liability insurance is one of the most important sports insurance policies available today. Liability insurance protects the company hosting the event, as well as the venue in case of a lawsuit. In the event of an accident or injury, the sports organization, the company hosting the event, and even the property owners can all potentially be held liable.

A general liability insurance policy can protect your sports organization, employees, and volunteers from the liability claims resulting from unexpected incidents that happen as a result of your operations.

Another important reason to have liability insurance is to ensure coverage for legal defense, which is an expensive part of sports litigation. It is not uncommon for legal defense costs in some cases to exceed $50,000.

Sports liability insurance policies vary considerably, depending the extent of the coverage and the potential risks associated with the event or sports activities. You can even purchase a onetime event insurance policy, if you are hosting a onetime sporting event.

Since each policy is different, it is important to check with your insurance agent to find a policy that is right for your company or organization. Some policies offer more coverage than others and it is recommended that you obtain a comprehensive policy that covers all parties involved in your event.

Sports should be a fun experience for everyone who is involved. By making sure you have proper coverage, you are able to enjoy the excitement -without added worry.

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