What Landowners Should Know About Insuring Their Property During Hunting Season

Hunting season is a stressful time for home or landowners that live near forests and other popular hunting grounds. While you can protect yourself from liability by posting no trespassing signs and banning hunters from your property, there are many individuals who enjoy hunting and many people who do not mind hunters on their land. Outdoors insurance can protect you from being liable in case someone is injured while hunting on your property.

This is especially important if you encourage people to hunt on your property, regardless of if it is in conjunction with a hunting club or other outdoors club. Outdoors insurance is a type of liability insurance that covers you if someone is injured or killed while hunting on your property. There are different policy levels depending on how often your property is used for hunting and whether or not you are affiliated with a hunting club. While hunting clubs strive for the safest hunting practices possible, hunting is still a dangerous sport if someone neglects the basic safety rules. Accidents do happen, and insurance is determined based on the amount of risk associated with the property.

When you are picking your outdoors insurance, there are a few things that you will want to keep in mind. Is your property in a prime hunting location? If so, you will want to make certain that your liability insurance has a higher base amount. You may also want to consider having coverage for a variety of different incidents including ATV accidents, shooting accidents, and general liability. Picking the right insurance policy is necessary if you want to be protected as an owner granting permission to hunters to be on your property.

If you are a landowner near a popular hunting site and you do not want to have outdoors insurance, make certain you post a lot of no trespassing signs and install perimeter markers to mark where hunters are not permitted to enter.