Why You Need Fair or Festival Insurance

Special event insurance for fairs of festivals is a short term insurance policy that is designed to cover everything from fairs to conventions, and festivals to exhibitions.

Most event managers will require that all vendors at the event have short term liability insurance. They will usually ask that you add them to your policy as an additional insured. This way the venue is protected from potential lawsuits brought on by anyone who takes legal action as a result of an injury sustained by your involvement in the event. Some events operate differently however, and each vendor is named as an additional insured under the event manager’s policy. It is important to check with the event manager ahead of time to see which insurance policies you will be needing.

Of course, while it’s essential to have a comprehensive liability insurance policy in place to cover yourself in the event of a lawsuit, it is also a good idea to take out a property insurance policy, to cover your property, goods that you are selling, or any rides or concession stands that you have in the event. This ensures that your property is covered if somebody were to cause damage to it, or vandalise it.

It’s also a good idea to take safety a step farther, and to have a safety plan in place. Taking precautions ahead of time and documenting the inspections on any of the rides or games can help prevent problems from happening in the first place. Even if your exhibit is relatively safe and low risk, such as if you have a booth or are selling goods, it’s still a good idea to ensure that any shelves are secured properly, and that there are no safety hazards that would be potential risks to customers or employees.

Insurance policies for special events such as fairs vary considerably, and are based on things such as the length of the event, the possible risks involved, as well as the estimated number of visitors.  

At Texas Outdoor Insurance, we would be happy to work with you to ensure you are covered by a policy that is best for you. Be sure to call us next time you are planning an exhibit or show at an event.