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Texas Sports Insurance

Sports Event, Liability, Property Insurance

At Texas Insurance Agency, we believe that community and sports events should always be enjoyable experiences. Various sporting events can be better enjoyed if all parties involved in a maintain proper insurance coverage. There are many policies available that can provide much needed protection to fans, players, volunteers and managers.

We can make sure that you get the best deals on policies because we spend time getting to know your unique needs and comparing plans from the top insurance companies in the nation. Our independent agency does the research and legwork so you don't have to.

To learn more about sports insurance in Texas or to get a free quote on a comprehensive youth sports insurance plan, contact one of our experienced agents (281) 398-1010 or toll free at (877) 952-1010.

Coverage is Vital

Sports organizations need to be aware that accidents can happen. The main risks that arise at sports events include: bodily injuries, negligence and property damages. However, projects, venues, performances and games all have distinct coverage needs. There is even a level of risk for universities, private hosts and managers of community events.

Some organizations only purchase one type of coverage that does not protect all individuals involved in a sports event. In order for everyone to have peace of mind, we recommend that businesses obtain a comprehensive insurance plan that includes:

  • Accident Liability - We hear about the importance of an effective accident insurance policy on a daily basis, through the stories that our clients tell, thankfully they all have policies. Sports accident insurance pays for the medical bills on behalf of injured participants which also minimizes the threat of a lawsuit being filed by the injured participants. Volunteers and participants are ensured the high quality medical treatment they deserve.

  • General Liability Insurance - Sports Liability Insurance protects your organization from financially suffering from allegations of bodily injury or property damage due to your negligence and covers court fees and the cost of defense in the event that your organization has a lawsuit filed against it. Covered personnel should include the organization itself, any volunteers, directors and officers.

  • Directors and Officers Insurance - Directors and officers insurance provides protection from allegations that your organization's management has economically harmed another party or violated their rights under federal, state or provincial law. General Liability does not protect against these sort of legal issues which include allegations of: wrongful termination, discrimination, player or league personnel suspensions, or failure to follow sports organization rules or bylaws.

Quality Protection is Attainable

Keep in mind that many of the policies out there only cover injuries to spectators. At Texas Insurance Agency, we can make sure that your insurance plan covers all parties involved in your event. Our agents can assess the potential risks and connect you with a policy that meets these unique needs.

Your sports event insurance plan may protect one or more of the following, depending on your needs:

  • Independent Contractors
  • Premises
  • Products
  • Legal Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Personal or Advertising Injury
  • Fire Damage

If you are interested in obtaining a specific type of event or sports insurance or a comprehensive sports event package for youth sports or youth league, please call one of our agents today at (877) 952-1010 or send an online message.

Our experienced agents can also evaluate your existing coverage to determine if you are adequately protected or find a more affordable option. Whether you plan to insure a large sporting event or a small community function, let Texas Insurance Agency help protect your important assets.