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Texas Rod & Gun Club Insurance

Shooting Range, Trap, Skeet, and Clay

Countless Texans enjoy shooting as a sport. If you own or manage a shooting range, trap & skeet facility or any other shooting club it's critical to have a strong insurance policy on your side. If the unexpected happens, does your current policy provide enough protection?

Texas Insurance Agency can help you get the proper protection for your shooting range or clay shooting club because we have partnered with leading providers of outdoor sports insurance. We specialize in researching policies and comparing prices of many insurance plans, so you don't have to.

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Don't Let Potential Lawsuits Harm Your Business

Shooting ranges are often involved in lawsuits because of injuries and damages occurring during operations. Injuries don't only come from shooting practice. If you operate vehicles or watercraft, there is always the possibility of damage or loss as well. The vehicles of guests or businesses that transport guests may also become involved in accidents while on your property.

If you own or operate a shooting range and don't have insurance, claims from accidents and damages can financially destroy your business. Having a custom designed policy is an important way to get the protection you need.

The Range of Insurance Policies for Your Sporting Operation

Shooting insurance protects business owners from the risks involved with operating these specific types of facilities:

  • Trap, Skeet, and Shooting Clay Facilities
  • Rod & Gun clubs
  • Shooting ranges

At Texas Insurance Agency, we have researched types of policies that are designed to meet the special needs of business involved in the handling of firearms and outdoor adventures. Shooting insurance can actually be made of up of several types of plans, which may include: